Lee O’Brian Appeals to BI to Take His Deportation Case “Fairly with Justice”

Lee O’Brian Appeals to BI to be Fair with Case as His Complainant is Very Well-known

Foreign actor Lee O’Brian appealed to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to be fair with his deportation case as his complainant is very well-known.

Lee recently submitted a counter-affidavit in response to the deportation lawsuit filed against him by his ex-partner Marietta Subong, also known as “Pokwang.” The American actor also requested that the Bureau of Immigration (BI) handle his case honestly and justly.

Lee OBrian BI

“There we go. Just filed a counter affidavit to the complaint filed by Marietta Subong (Pokwang). You know what I’d like to say is first of all, above everything, I always have respect for the mother of my child.”

“Given the fact that the complainant is very well-known, widely known throughout this county and very, very influential I am basically asking and pleading with the Philippine government and the Bureau of Immigration to look at my case, my deportation case fairly and with justice, according to the merits of the case and whatever I filed here I would plead with them to look at it justly,” said Lee.

O’Brian made it clear that even though he and Pokwang have a legal battle now, he is still thinking about the welfare of his daughter and Malia. According to him, he always have respect for the mother of his child, above everything.

“…because this is kind of a quasi-judicial issue for the Bureau of Immigration, I can’t comment on details… but I want to say something, that from the beginning, throughout until today and beyond from here on out, I always put the best interest of my daughter first. I love my daughter more than anything…” he said.

Pokwang, for his part, has yet to respond, react, or comment on this. However, she published MJ Marfori’s story on her Instagram story about her perspective on the deportation issue, which she obtained through her legal counsel, Atty. Calinisan, Ralph.

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