LeBron James Miami Heat Jersey Sold For A Whooping $3.7 Million

LeBron James, Miami Heat Jersey

LeBron James’ Miami Heat Jersey Sold For Record-breaking $3.7 Million At Auction LEBRON JAMES – Sotheby’s auctioned off LeBron James’ Miami Heat jersey for $3.7 million.  While some people rose to prominence in professions such as show business and politics, others climbed to prominence through their careers in sports. One of them is LeBron James, … Read more

Student Writes Name of Basketball Player During Greek Mythology Quiz: “Yung idol niya magbasketball”

Basketball Player

Student Writes Inappropriate Answer During Quiz “Nilagay niya, yung idol niya magbasketball” A young student goes viral online and earns various reactions from netizens after writing the name of a basketball player during quiz. Exam is a test given to students to assess their academic knowledge and learning for a certain period of time. It plays an … Read more

LeBron James Tries to Contact Isaiah Stewart to Apologize After Brawl

LeBron James Tries to Apologize to Isaiah Stewart After Brawl During Game Los Angels Lakers All-Star basketball player LeBron James tries to contact Detroit Piston player Isaiah Stewart after their brawl. According to the Lakers forward, he attempted to get the phone number so that he could apologize to the Pistons center for smacking him … Read more

LeBron James Confirms COVID-19 Vaccination But Won’t Convince Other NBA Players

LeBron James

LeBron James Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Shot LEBRON JAMES – The Los Angeles Lakers Superstar confirmed he’s been vaccinated against COVID-19 but refused to convince other NBA players. The world continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Several countries are greatly suffering now from the impacts of the global pandemic that rocked healthcare systems across the … Read more

George Floyd Death: Famous Personalities Outraged Reactions

George Floyd Death

High-profile athletes and personalities speak about George Floyd death which sparked protests across United States. GEORGE FLOYD DEATH – Black man George Floyd’s death while arrest under Minneapolis officer sparked public outrage and these famous personalities were devastated. Pinned down in a miserable situation on that cemented pavement with the officer’s knee tightly placed on … Read more

Kobe Bryant Death: LeBron James’ Final Message To NBA Star Will Make You Cry

Kobe Bryant & LeBron James 3

LeBron James Finally Breaks Silence Following Death of Kobe Bryant KOBE BRYANT – Los Angeles Lakers player Lebron James finally broke his silence following the death of his friend Kobe Bryant. 24-hours before the helicopter of the basketball superstar Kobe Bryan crashed in California on Sunday, he posted something about LeBron James who surpassed him … Read more