JOVELYN GALLENO: Family Confirms Lady Spotted in Multicab Was The Victim


Family Confirms Lady Spotted in Multicab Was Jovelyn Galleno JOVELYN GALLENO – The family confirmed that the lady spotted inside a multicab was the missing victim. Over the past few days, Jovelyn Galleno has been on the headlines of different local news outlets and social media pages after she went missing. The woman went to … Read more

Lady Victim Shot Dead After Serving Cup of Coffee to Suspect in Quezon


Unidentified Gunman Shoots Lady Victim After Serving Cup of Coffee in Quezon CALAUAG, Quezon – An unidentified gunman suddenly shoots a lady victim who served him a cup of coffee in Calauag, Quezon. Over the past few decades, the rate of criminality continues to increase not only in the Philippines but also in various regions … Read more

Lady Minimum Wage Earner Buys Own House at the Age of 21

Minimum Wage Earner

Female Minimum Wage Earner Ybie Baes Able to Buy Own House Through Hardwork A lady minimum wage earner who earns less than P10, 000/month was able to buy a house at the age of 21 in Quezon Province. A Facebook user named Ybie Baes has shared her inspiring story after getting an installment house although … Read more

Lady Receives $1,250 After Businessman’s Convoy Accidentally Splashed Water on Her

Businessman’s Convoy

Lady Gets $1,250 Compensation After Businessman’s Cars Accidentally Splashed Water on Her A lady received $1, 250 after the businessman’s convoy accidentally splashed water on her while passing a flooded street. A Facebook user named Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah has shared his encounter with a woman who has been accidentally splashed with water by his car. … Read more

Lady Nearly Bitten by Endangered Seal After Touching It For Selfie

Endangered Seal

Endangered Seal Nearly Bites Lady Who After Touches Its Back For Selfie The video of a lady vacationist who has been nearly bitten by an endangered seal after touching it for a selfie goes viral online. Nowadays, the environmentalists and other private organizations caring about nature were making efforts to preserve wildfire. There are policies … Read more

Man in Bulacan Secretly Watching a Lady Having a Bath Arrested

Perv Man Secretly Watching a Lady Having a Bath in Bulacan Arrested Police arrested a man after a lady reported him as he was caught secretly watching her while having a bath inside their rest room in Bulacan. A man was arrested after a lady complained of voyeurism against him as he was secretly watching … Read more

Fake Lady Prosecutor in Bulacan Arrested After Asking Settlement Money

Fake Lady Prosecutor in Bulacan Arrested in an Entrapment Operation A lady who pretended to be a fake prosecutor asking for settlement money was arrested during the entrapment operation conducted in Bulacan. A woman who identified herself as a prosecutor and demanded the settlement money from a victim was arrested in an entrapment operation by … Read more