Kim Chiu Shares Her Best and Worst Purchases Of Bags

Kim Chiu Bags

Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu on her best and worst bag purchase. KIM CHIU – Actress-model Kim Chiu shared the bags she regarded as her best and worst purchases after doing a tour of her designer bags’ room.  “It’s Showtime” host Kim Chiu has shared a room she meant for her collection of designer bags from … Read more

Kim Chiu Shows Entire Room Of Expensive & Luxury Bags

Kim Chiu

Here’s a room where Kim Chiu filled with her luxurious bags. KIM CHIU – For 15 years, Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu accumulated these luxurious bags and she shared this in her latest vlog. Starting from a single handbag, actress Kim Chiu was also able to invest her money in expensive bags and for over 15 … Read more