LOOK: Kris Aquino Watched ‘Kasal’ Together With This Politician?

Kris Aquino, Herbert Bautista Kasal

Kris Aquino Watches Derek-Bea-Paulo’s Movie ‘Kasal’ KRIS AQUINO – Actress and former talk show host Kris Aquino watched Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo’s new movie ‘Kasal’. One of the Philippine movies that are currently showing in theaters is the Star Cinema’s film ‘Kasal’ which is starred by actress Bea Alonzo and actors Derek Ramsay and Paulo … Read more

Paulo Avelino Reveals Advice For Bea Alonzo Over Love Life

Paulo Avelino, Bea Alonzo

What is Paulo Avelino’s advice to Bea Alonzo over love matters? PAULO AVELINO – Actor Paulo Avelino gave his advice for his ‘Kasal’ leading lady Bea Alonzo with regards to love life matters. All kinds of relationships go through challenges and even celebrities are not exempted from it. Among those celebrity couples who recently went … Read more