Batangueña Vlogger Shares Inspiring Story: “Dati, sa bus ako lagi nasakay, ngayon, eroplano na”

Batangueña Vlogger

Batangueña Vlogger Earns Praise Online After Sharing Inspiring Story A Batangueña vlogger has recently captured the hearts of online audiences with her inspiring story: “Dati, sa bus ako lagi nasakay, ngayon, eroplano na” The Facebook page Rice Cupp shared her inspiring story from being a bus commuter to riding an airplane. The post immediately spread … Read more

Hardworking Vlogger Shares Inspiring Story “Grabe yung pagod ko date pag aaral, trabaho, career”


Hardworking Vlogger Shares Inspiring Story Until He Becomes a Businessman A hardworking vlogger has shared his inspiring story, from being a humble food delivery rider to becoming a successful business owner. The Facebook vlogger “Syoktong” shared his inspiring story as a working student and food delivery rider before he becomes a business owner. The story … Read more

Trending Accounting Student Shares Inspiring Story “nakapagparenovate at may kotse na ngayon”

Trending Accounting Student

Trending Accounting Student Renovates House & Buys New Car After Years of Hard Work The trending accounting student Banessa Raya has shared her inspiring story online “nakapagparenovate at may kotse na ngayon”. Banessa Raya, a Facebook user, shared her inspiring story about how she achieved success after years of hard work and struggle. The post … Read more