67-Year-Old Salt Vendor Passes College Entrance Exam

Salt Vendor Lita Escal

Salt Vendor Continues To Pursue Education Even at Old Age SALT VENDOR – The 67-year-old Lolita Escal passed the college entrance exam given by the URS Angono Campus. Different people have different approach towards education. There were those who obtain it without worries on their finances thus they have the freedom to choose the field … Read more

Lady Online Seller Shares Inspiring Story “1k lang puhunan namin noon na inutang ko pa”

Lady Online Seller

Lady Online Seller Ears Praise for Sharing Inspiring Story A lady online seller shared her inspiring story as online seller on social media, saying, “1k lang puhunan namin noon na inutang ko pa” Anna Guasa, a young mother and online seller, recently shared her inspiring story on social media, revealing the humble beginnings of her … Read more

Inspiring Story of PWD Delivery Rider Earns Praise Online

PWD Delivery Rider

Inspiring Story of PWD Delivery Rider Goes Viral Online The inspiring story of a PWD delivery rider went viral online and garnered praise from the internet users. A person with a disability refers to an individual who has a physical or mental impairment that limits one or more major life activities. Disabilities can vary widely … Read more

Batangueña Vlogger Shares Inspiring Story: “Dati, sa bus ako lagi nasakay, ngayon, eroplano na”

Batangueña Vlogger

Batangueña Vlogger Earns Praise Online After Sharing Inspiring Story A Batangueña vlogger has recently captured the hearts of online audiences with her inspiring story: “Dati, sa bus ako lagi nasakay, ngayon, eroplano na” The Facebook page Rice Cupp shared her inspiring story from being a bus commuter to riding an airplane. The post immediately spread … Read more

Hardworking Vlogger Shares Inspiring Story “Grabe yung pagod ko date pag aaral, trabaho, career”


Hardworking Vlogger Shares Inspiring Story Until He Becomes a Businessman A hardworking vlogger has shared his inspiring story, from being a humble food delivery rider to becoming a successful business owner. The Facebook vlogger “Syoktong” shared his inspiring story as a working student and food delivery rider before he becomes a business owner. The story … Read more

Trending Accounting Student Shares Inspiring Story “nakapagparenovate at may kotse na ngayon”

Trending Accounting Student

Trending Accounting Student Renovates House & Buys New Car After Years of Hard Work The trending accounting student Banessa Raya has shared her inspiring story online “nakapagparenovate at may kotse na ngayon”. Banessa Raya, a Facebook user, shared her inspiring story about how she achieved success after years of hard work and struggle. The post … Read more