Ritz Azul Reveals She Received Indecent Proposal Worth 3 Million Pesos

The indecent proposal that Ritz Azul received was worth 3 million pesos

Kapamilya star Ritz Azul revealed that a 3 million peso worth of indecent proposal was offered to her.

This happened during the time when she was still a newbie in the Philippine entertainment industry. The actress, initially, did not want to reveal this part of her life as a celebrity.

At first, she just said that she received indecent proposal before. Ritz shared this during the press conference of her latest movie ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ with Pepe Herrera.

Ritz Azul
(Photo source: @ritzazul IG)

On the other hand, entertainment reporter Rey Pumaloy persuaded her to elaborate the details.

During the ‘Abantelliling’ live podcast last Wednesday, she shared other details of the indecent proposal she received in the past.

Ritz Azul was a bit shy to reveal the price of  the inappropriate offer to her. She just whispered it to the hosts of the said podcast.

She whispered that it was 3 million pesos. It was said that the person who offered the indecent proposal wanted to date and have a one night stand with her.



The topic about the chastity of the Kapamilya actress as a woman started when she asked about her role in the movie.

Her latest film under the direction of Direk Topel Lee featured her role as liberated woman. Ritz played the role of a gold-digger and social climber woman who is the love interest of Pepe.

She said that her role on the movie is far different from her personality in real life. That is why she was asked about being chaste as a woman.

When asked about her chastity, the Kapamilya star confirmed it, based on the article.

Reporters jokingly offered amounts in exchange of it but Ritz Azul that no amount of indecent proposal could make her surrender her maidenhood.

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