Woman Shows Stocks Inside Refrigerator “Dami ice cream! Lakas makayaman”


Woman Flexes Food Stocks Inside Refrigerator A certain woman has shown the stocks inside of their refrigerator “Dami ice cream! Lakas makayaman and peg”. Refrigeration is a key component of food safety and preservation. It is essential in keeping food products fresh and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to foodborne illnesses. … Read more

Little Girl Suffers Electrocution on Grounded Freezer While Choosing Ice Cream

Little Girl

Video of Little Girl Suffering Electrocution on Grounded Freezer While Choosing Ice Cream Goes Viral Online ELECTROCUTION – A little girl suffered electrocution for clinging on the grounded freezer while choosing an ice cream. Throughout the years, electrocution becomes one of the common causes of death among construction workers and several individuals. Electrical shock could cause mild … Read more

Pinay Businesswoman Brings Filipino Sorbetes in Belgium


Pinay Entrepreneur Starts Filipino Sorbetes Business in Belgium A Pinay business woman named Kamille Rodriguez together with her husband have started a “Sorbetes” business in Belgium. In 2013, Kamille moved to Belgium to work as a part-time nurse at a hospital. Initially, she experienced hardships and difficulties working abroad due to the language barrier. It … Read more

Lady Netizen Cries After Eating ‘Mantika’ Placed Inside Ice Cream Tupperware

Lady Netizen

Funny Photos of Lady Netizen Who Bursts Into Tears After Eating Frozen ‘Mantika’ Placed Inside Ice Cream Tupperware Went Viral A lady netizen cried as she expressed her dismay after eating ‘mantika’ placed inside of an ice cream Tupperware. A lot of Filipino people enjoyed the Christmas Eve with delicious and mouth-watering foods on the … Read more

Aiai Delas Alas: Artist Sketches Comedian Inspired By BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Aiai delas Alas BLACKPINK 2

Artist Sketches Comedian Aiai Delas Alas Inspired By BLACKPINK’s Lisa Manoban AIAI DELAS ALAS – An artist sketched the comedian Aiai delas Alas inspired by BLACKPINK’s member Lisa Manoban. Renowned Kapuso comedienne Aiai Delas Alas judge the Kapuso reality talent competition “The Clash” alongside Lani Misalucha and Christian Bautista. She trended on Twitter on Sunday … Read more