147 Individuals in Bukidnon Hospitalized Due to Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Outbreak Hits Wedding in Bukidnon 147 individuals have reportedly fallen victim to food poisoning during a wedding ceremony held in Talakag, Bukidnon. Among the victims is the bride herself, as attendees complained of stomachaches, and some even required hospitalization in neighboring towns after losing consciousness. According to Dr. Mark Anthony Dano of the … Read more

Cotabato Resident Lost Her Life After Eating Frog Adobo

Cotabato Resident

A female Cotabato resident has lost her life after eating frog adobo as ‘pulutan’, she caught the frog in a river. The victim suffered numbness in her mouth, severe abdominal pain, and nausea. She was rushed to the hospital but succumbed due to food poisoning. Her other relatives partook in the frog dish as ‘pulutan’.

Woman in Cotabato Dies After Consuming Frog Adobo


Woman Lost Her Life After Consuming Frog Adobo as ‘Pulutan’ MAKILALA, COTABATO – A woman lost her life after consuming frog adobo, made from a recently caught frog. The victim was identified as Marilyn Degemente, a resident of Makilala, Cotabato. Her family also revealed that other relatives partook in the frog dish as ‘pulutan’. According … Read more

Food Poisoning: 8 Leftovers That Can Make You Sick

Food Poisoning 2

Don’t Consume These Leftovers To Avoid Food Poisoning FOOD POISONING – You and your family should avoid these eight (8) leftovers to avoid food poisoning. There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of indulging in a home-cooked meal, especially when you get to enjoy it again the following day as leftovers. However, even though leftovers can … Read more

1 Dead, 11 Hospitalized Over Food Poisoning after Eating Lechon in Cebu

11 Cebu Folks Hospitalized Over Alleged Food Poisoning After Eating Lechon Eleven (11) individuals were rushed to the hospital while one (1) died due to alleged food poisoning after eating lechon in Cebu. According to the police investigation, Ryan Alquizer, a construction worker, died as a result of “bad” lechon. Aside from Alquizer, 11 other … Read more

45 Students Suffers Food Poisoning Over “Maruya” Mixed with Tawas

45 Students Hospitalized Over Food Poisoning After Eating “Maruya” Mixed with Tawas 45 students in North Cotabato suffered food poisoning after allegedly eating “maruya” accidentally mixed with tawas. 45 children at Palma Perez Elementary School in M’LANG, North Cotabato, were hospitalized on Monday, May 22 after they were allegedly poisoned by the “maruya” they ate … Read more

Family in South Cotabato Allegedly Suffers From Food Poisoning After Eating Chicken

Food Poisoning

Family Hospitalized After Suffering From Food Poisoning for Eating Chicken A family in Tampakan, South Cotabaro allegedly suffered from food poisoning after eating chicken for breakfast. Food poisoning is a serious health issue that can occur as a result of consuming food that is contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemicals. It can cause … Read more

Philippine Army Probes Food Poisoning of Boy & Girl Scout in Sulu

Philippine Army

Philippine Army Investigates Food Poisoning Incident in Sulu Involving Boy & Girl Scouts The Philippine Army is investigating the reported food poisoning incident that affected boy and girl scouts in Sulu. The military is currently determining the cause of the alleged food poisoning that occurred during the 35th Joint Boys Scout and Girls Scout of … Read more

16 Individuals Get Hospitalized After Eating “Mami” in Tondo


16 Individuals in Tondo, Manila Get Hospitalized After Eating “Mami” Bought From Neighbor 16 individuals get hospitalized after allegedly eating “Mami” or noodles they have bought from their neighbor in Tondo, Manila. The CCTV footage taken at a certain barangay in Tondo, Manila shows the residents having a commotion at Callejon-E Street, Gagalangin. Two kids … Read more

108 Individuals Hospitalized After Eating Bad ‘Pancit’ at Campaign Rally

Campaign Rally

108 Individuals Suffered Food Poisoning After Eating Bad ‘Pancit’ During Campaign Rally About 108 individuals including young children have been hospitalized after eating bad ‘pancit’ at a campaign rally. 108 people were hospitalized due to suspected food poisoning after eating food given at a campaign rally held in Lake Sebu town in South Cotabato province. … Read more