5 Police Accused of Torture, Harassment Against Teenager in Cebu

5 Police to Face Charges Over Alleged Torture and Harassment Against a Teenager in Cebu Five (5) police officers will face charges after being accused of torture and harassment against a female teenager in Cebu City. Five Cebu City police officers and a police asset have been charged with torturing and assaulting a 19-year-old woman … Read more

Viral Ninong Breaks Silence & Reveals Real Status w/ Female ‘Inaanak’

Viral Ninong

Viral Ninong Breaks Silence on Controversy w/ His Female ‘Inaanak’ The viral Ninong finally breaks his silence and revealed his real status with female ‘inaanak’ who is accusing him of malicious abuse. Earlier, it has been reported that Milan Ballesteros Urbino is accusing her ‘Ninong’ of allegedly molesting and abusing her maliciously. Urbino even shared the … Read more

Female Teenager Complained Her ‘Ninong’ For Allegedly Abusing Her

Female Teenager

Female Teenager Expresses Fury Against Her ‘Ninong’ For Allegedly Abusing Her A female teenager identified as Milan Ballesteros Urbino complained her ‘Ninong’ (Godfather) for allegedly abusing her. Nowadays, a lot of female teenagers experienced malicious harassment and abuse causing traumatic experience. Some young ladies who experienced molestation usually suffer from depression and anxiety. The increasing … Read more