Kind Woman Seeks Help for Elderly Man Collecting Junk to Earn Money

Kind Woman Seeks Help for Elderly Man Who Still Works Despite Old

A kind woman seeks help for an elderly man in Bacolod City who collects junk to earn money and support his family.

Kindness is a gesture that goes beyond the person who receives it. When we perform acts of kindness, we not only bring joy and relief to others, but we also feel fulfilled and joyful ourselves.

A kind act’s recipient is more willing to pay it forward, resulting in a positive chain reaction of goodwill and compassion. Kindness has the power to alter not only individual lives but entire communities and societies.

Kind Woman

Recently, a Facebook user Via May Mamon sought assistance for an elderly man who continues to make a living despite his old age. The post immediately went viral and garnered praise from the online community.

Mamon stumbled upon the video clip shared by a TikTok user (@guccikie). The video features an elderly man shouldering a staggering 78 pounds of sacks all by himself on the sidewalks of Bacolod City.

Via recounted her own experience when she saw the same grandma while riding a jeepney on Lacson Street. Her heart went out to the elderly man, and she wondered if there was a way she could help him by providing some extra help.

Kind Woman

She asked for assistance from the online community to help the poor grandpa. In response to her plea, generous individuals stepped up to assist the elderly man.

For those who wish to contribute and make a difference in the life of this hardworking senior citizen, you can find the TikTok account of the kind-hearted individuals who reached out to him at (

Kind Woman

The kind-hearted lady expressed her heartfelt gratitude to those who shared their blessings with the old man.

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The story serves as a reminder that compassion knows no bounds and that small acts of kindness can create a domino effect of goodwill in our communities.

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