Young Girl Earns Praise for Kind Gesture Towards Elderly Man Outside Convenience Store

Compassionate Young Girl Gives Food To Elderly Man Outside Convenience Store

A young girl offering food to an elderly man outside a convenience store earns praise from netizens for her compassionate act.

Kindness is a fundamental aspect of human nature that involves showing compassion, consideration, and generosity towards others. It is the act of extending a helping hand, offering support, or simply being thoughtful and understanding towards those around us.

Recently, Apolo Belvedere, a Facebook user, shared a video of a young girl emerged from a 7/11 store in Rotonda, Barangay Dahican. The post quickly gained traction, eliciting various reactions from internet users.

Young Girl

In the video, the young girl is seen exiting the convenience store after purchasing food. Without hesitation, she extends the bag of food to the elderly man seated outside the establishment. It’s evident that the elderly man, who is holding a crutch, may be facing challenges due to his disability.

Belvedere commended his daughter, affectionately called ‘Banana,’ for her kindness towards those in need. After offering the food to the elderly man, the father and daughter quickly left the store.

The video has a caption:

Every day 100php jd nakalaan sa baon ni banana. Before nako siya ihatud sa school, muhapit sa jd mig 7/11 rotonda kai mapulit siya ug snack. Nalipay ko sa akong nakita kai ang iyahang baon gihatag niya kang tatay kai louy daw. Hehe

(Every day, Banana has 100php set aside for her allowance. Before I take her to school, we always drop by 7/11 Rotonda because she likes to buy snacks. I was delighted to see her give her allowance to the old man because he looked sad. Hehe.)

The young girl’s touching gesture of kindness has touched the hearts of many online, showing the importance of compassion and empathy towards others, especially those who may be less fortunate.

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The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Young Girl

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