Social Media Influencer Goes Viral Over Hospitality Post “doble ang pa electricfan”

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer Dyosa Pockoh’s Recent Post About Hospitality Elicits Comments Online The social media influencer Dyosa Pockoh goes viral due to his recent post about showing hospitality to their visitors. Hospitality is an essential trait deeply ingrained in Filipino culture. Welcoming guests with warmth, ensuring their comfort, and going the extra mile to accommodate … Read more

Dyosa Pockoh “Naloka” to Jelai Andres Invitation to Thailand

Dyosa Pockoh Posts Jelai Andres “Agad-Agad” Invitation to Thailand Vlogger and comedian Dyosa Pockoh “naloka” to the invitation of online personality Jelai Andres to him going to Thailand. Francis Valle Suayan, also known as Dyosa Pockoh, a content creator, recently recounted a humorous chat he had with vlogger-model Jelai Andres. Dyosa, along with other well-known … Read more