Social Media Influencer Goes Viral Over Hospitality Post “doble ang pa electricfan”

Social Media Influencer Dyosa Pockoh’s Recent Post About Hospitality Elicits Comments Online

The social media influencer Dyosa Pockoh goes viral due to his recent post about showing hospitality to their visitors.

Hospitality is an essential trait deeply ingrained in Filipino culture. Welcoming guests with warmth, ensuring their comfort, and going the extra mile to accommodate them are common practices in many Filipino households.

Recently, comedian Francis Valle Suayan, known by his stage name Dyosa Pockoh, entertained netizens with his recent post about opening two electric fans for their visitor. The post goes viral and elicits reactions online.

Social Media Influencer

Suayan’s niece’s suitor arrived and since he came from America, the public figure had to turn on two electric fans, and of course, his aunts went outside for an interview.

The humorous anecdote shared by Dyosa Pockoh sparked amusement among netizens and prompted them to reflect on their own hospitality towards guests. His light-hearted story captures the essence of Filipino hospitality, showcasing the tendency to go above and beyond to make visitors feel at ease.

While the gesture of opening two electric fans may seem amusingly excessive, it reflects the desire to make guests feel comfortable, especially considering that the suitor came from America, where weather conditions may differ.

Social Media Influencer

Dyosa Pockoh’s aunts’ decision to step outside for an interview adds a touch of playfulness to the situation, highlighting the inherent joy and liveliness of Filipino gatherings.

Social Media Influencer

Here is the full post:

Dumating ang manliligaw ng pamangkin ko. Dahil galing pala ng America kaya doble ang pa electricfan at sympre labas ang mga tiyahin para mag interview


work/Nurse America


dahil pasado maglabas pa ng isa pang electricfan

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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