Dyosa Pockoh “Naloka” to Jelai Andres Invitation to Thailand

Dyosa Pockoh Posts Jelai Andres “Agad-Agad” Invitation to Thailand

Vlogger and comedian Dyosa Pockoh “naloka” to the invitation of online personality Jelai Andres to him going to Thailand.

Francis Valle Suayan, also known as Dyosa Pockoh, a content creator, recently recounted a humorous chat he had with vlogger-model Jelai Andres. Dyosa, along with other well-known comedians and content creators, is one of Jelai’s close pals.

Dyosa Pockoh Jelai Thailand

He published a sample of their discussion on Facebook, in which Jelai welcomed him to Thailand. Jelai chatted with him and asked where he was in the first shot.

When he replied that he was in Batangas, Jelai invited him to Thailand. Jelai has even stated that she will cover Dyosa’s bills. Jelai’s invitation surprised the content creator.

What even surprises him is Jelai’s trip to Thailand. Based on their talk, Jelai will book a ticket right away if he accepts his invitation. Dyosa, who couldn’t believe what was occurring, told her to just wait.

“yung may friend kang Jelai Andres kala mo kung mag aya parang pupunta lang kami sa Kamuning eh. Super bait talaga ni jelai papalagyan nya daw ako ng kipay sa thailand hahaha,” Dyosa wrote in his post.

“So blessed having a prend like Jelai Andres,” she added in the comment section.

On Sunday, February 12, Jelai Andres got another year older. Jelai Andres posted a vlog from her simple yet entertaining birthday celebration on her YouTube channel on Sunday, February 12.

Buboy Villar, Kokoy de Santos, Unique Salonga, Wilbert Tolentino, Pekto, and Gene Padilla were among her family and close showbiz friends that attended the event. Dyosa was also there at her birthday party.

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