Rendon Labador Rice Helps to End Diabetes, Obesity – Doc Adam

Doc Adam Claims Motivational Rice of Rendon Labador will Help End Diabetes and Obesity Doctor and vlogger Adam Smith claimed that the motivational rice of social media personality Rendon Labador can help end diabetes and obesity. Doc Adam Smith, an Australian-British medical doctor and content creator, appears to understand why Rendon Labador refers to his … Read more

Foods To Eat To Maintain A Healthy Blood-Sugar Level (Diabetes)

Here’s A List Of Foods You Should Consider If You’re Diabetic FOODS TO EAT – One of the most common condition/disease in most adults is diabetes, making it a subject of many studies in the medicine field. There are so many prohibitions in a diabetic person’s diet. Especially sugary and sweet foods. Being prohibited to … Read more

Iloilo Scientist Discovered Aratiles Fruit As Cure For Diabetes

This Lady Scientist From Iloilo Made A Remarkable Discovery About Aratiles Fruit ILOILO SCIENTIST – This young scientist from Iloilo went viral after discovering the properties of Aratiles fruit that can cure diabetes. Several discoveries have been made by scientists from Iloilo lately. In the field of medicine, a new possible source of antibiotic was … Read more

Coco Martin Visits Kristofer King’s Wake, Offers To Shoulder Funeral Costs

Coco Martin King

Coco Martin Visits Kristofer Kings Wake, To Shoulder Funeral Costs COCO MARTIN – Kapamilya actor Coco Martin visited Kristofer King’s wake and offered to shoulder the funeral expenses. Ang Probinsyano former cast Kristofer King died last Saturday, February 23, 2019. The actor suffered from diabetes and other health complications. While he was in the hospital, … Read more

Medicines For Diabetes, High-Cholesterol, Hypertension Taxless Starting 2019

Medicines for Diabates, High Cholesterol, Hypertension

Diabetes, High-Cholesterol, Hypertension Medicines Taxless Beginning 2019 MEDICINES – The Department of Finance (DOF) announced that the medicines against diabetes, high-cholesterol, and hypertension will be taxless starting year 2019. Currently, we are down to the last days of 2018 and a new year is about to unfold. Surely, everyone is hoping that the next year … Read more