Oil Price Rollback This Week Satisfies The Motorists

Oil price rollback

Oil Price Rollback, Brings Joy to The Motorists This Week Oil Price rollback – Motorists cheered after another oil-price rollback this week. This rollback will be beneficial for the motorist, especially that classes will be open next week. There is a gas station in Pasig City that offers gasoline goods at a low price, drawing … Read more

DOE Official Says Diesel & Kerosene Prices Expected to Increase Next Week


Diesel & Kerosene Prices to Increase Next Week, DOE Official Says A DOE official said that Filipino motorists should brace for the possible increase in prices of diesel and kerosene next week. On Friday (June 24, 2022), Energy Department’s Oil Industry Management Bureau director Atty. Rino Abad cited the possible projection of fuel prices next … Read more

DOE Says Another Big-Time Oil Price Hike Expected Next Week

Oil Price Hike

Another Big-Time Oil Price Hike Expected Next Week, DOE Says PUMP PRICE INCREASE – The Department of Energy said that another big-time oil price hike is expected next week. The prices of petroleum products play a very important role to the country’s economy. Pump price adjustment usually causes significant impact on prices of products and services in … Read more

DOE Says Oil Price Hike Could Not Reach P7 Within Next 2 Months

Oil Price Hike

Oil Price Hike Not Expected to Reach P7 Within Next 2 Months, DOE Says PUMP PRICE HIKE – The Department of Energy said that the oil price hike could not reach P7 within the next two months. On Wednesday (October 20, 2021), Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said that the continuous price increase of gasoline and petroleum … Read more

DOE Announces Possible Power Interruptions Over Some Parts of Luzon

Power Interruptions

Possible Power Interruptions Expected Over Some Parts of Luzon, DOE Says The Department of Energy (DOE) announced possible power interruptions over some parts of Luzon as NGCP placed Luzon Grid under Red Alert. On Tuesday (June 1, 2021), the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines has placed the Luzon Grid under red alert from 10 am … Read more

DoE Offers Assistance For Filipinos Struggling To Pay For Electricity

DoE Offers Assistance For Filipinos Who Can’t Afford To Pay Electricity In Full DOE OFFERS ASSISTANCE – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many marginalized Filipinos continue to struggle due to the lockdowns. Last year, over 5 million Filipino workers have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, more informal workers pleaded for support as the … Read more

Luzon Quarantine Causes Delay In Power Investments, Says Energy Chief


Luzon Quarantine Causes Delay In Power Investments, Says Energy Chief LUZON QUARANTINE – Alfonso Cusi, secretary of the Department of Energy, said that the enhanced community quarantine causes delays to power-related investments. Due to the threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the enhanced community quarantine in the entire Luzon on … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Duterte OKs To Energy Conservation Law In PH


Energy Conservation Law Gains Approval of PH Pres. Duterte DUTERTE – Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gave his approval to the energy conservation law in the Philippines. Undeniably, recently, some parts of the Philippines are suffering from unstable power supply which can be affected by the energy supply. To end it, the President has given … Read more