Hailey Bieber Thankful to Selena Gomez for Speaking Out for Her

Hailey Bieber Thankful to Selena Gomez for Speaking Out About Threats vs Her International model Hailey Bieber is thankful to singer-actress Selena Gomez for speaking out about the threats she received. The wife of international musician Justin Beiber thanks singer-actress Selena Gomez for defending her against claimed “death threats” and “hateful negativity.” Selena revealed on … Read more

Selena Gomez Reacts on Alleged Death Threats of Hailey Bieber

Selena Gomez Speaks Out About the Death Threats Received by Hailey Bieber International singer Selena Gomez expresses her reactions to the alleged death threats received by Hailey Bieber. The Hollywood singer-actress issued a statement on Instagram after model Hailey Bieber apparently spoke to her. This comes after the wife of renowned artist Justin Bieber disclosed … Read more

Aiko Melendez Allegedly Received Threats for Her Life Over Politics

Aiko Melendez Allegedly Received Threats After Entering World of Politics AIKO MELENDEZ – the veteran actress allegedly received death threats after entering politics and announcing her candidacy for the 2022 election. Ogie Diaz, an entertainment reporter and a talent manager has revealed the threat to Aiko’s life after she enters politics. People have recently attacked … Read more

Raffy Tulfo Admits He Still Receives Death Threats

Raffy Tulfo death threats

Raffy Tulfo Still Receives Death Threats RAFFY TULFO – Radio and tv host Raffy Tulfo admitted that he still received death threats from influential people. Controversial radio and television host Raffy Tulfo is the host of News5’s afternoon program ‘Wanted Sa Radyo.’ His program extended help to poor Filipinos who seek justice. In a report, … Read more

Selena Gomez faces Death Threats

Selena Gomez

Jealousy explodes as romantic photos and videos of Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez widely scatter on various sites. Bieber fanatics are angry with the Disney star after many PDA scenes from Maui vacation had leaked. Since Bieber was the one to grab the first ever Fan Favorite Award from the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, … Read more