David Chua Reveals Status Of His Relationship w/ Devon Seron

david chua devon seron

Are David Chua and Devon Seron dating? Actor-director David Chua revealed the status of his relationship with actress Devon Seron as they were spotted being sweet during a recent event. David and Devon are working together in the weekly Net25 show GoodWill. During the recent golf tournament organized by the TV network, based on the … Read more

David Chua Reveals Story Behind “Concert Date” w/ Cristine Reyes

david chua cristine reyes

What’s the real score between David Chua and Cristine Reyes? Actor-director David Chua revealed the story behind his “concert date” with actress Cristine Reyes. Late last year, Cristine was spotted with David at the LANY concert and this garnered speculations that there is something romantic between them. After that event, Cristine and David did not … Read more

Cristine Reyes, David Chua Are Dating? Source Reveals This

cristine reyes david chua

Cristine Reyes and David Chua were spotted together at LANY concert Rumors surfaced that there is something romantic between actress Cristine Reyes and actor-director David Chua, and this is what a source revealed about this. Cristine is one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz in this generation. Behind her charming look, she has received … Read more