David Chua Reveals Story Behind “Concert Date” w/ Cristine Reyes

What’s the real score between David Chua and Cristine Reyes?

Actor-director David Chua revealed the story behind his “concert date” with actress Cristine Reyes.

Late last year, Cristine was spotted with David at the LANY concert and this garnered speculations that there is something romantic between them. After that event, Cristine and David did not speak anything about that.

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In a recent Showbiz Update vlog of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz, David Chua was a guest. The actor-director shared the story of how he started his acting career and eventually ventured into directing. He is now the director of Rated Korina, the magazine show of veteran journalist Korina Sanchez.

During the said episode of Ogie’s YouTube show, David was also asked about his photos and videos with Cristine during the LANY concert that caught the attention of many netizens.

When asked about the rumors that he and Cristine are now a couple, David said, “sino ba naman and hindi magkakagusto kay Cristine.” He said that the actress is beautiful, talented, kind, and respectful.

However, the actor-director stressed that at that time, he invited Cristine to the concert because he was inviting her to be part of his new series Goodwill. David also said that they went there as a group.

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📷: The Philippine Star

Ah, so nagkaroon lang ng malisya sa iba na parang naka-move on na si Cristine dahil ikaw na ang ka-date,” Ogie commented and this made David silent for a moment. Then, Mama Loi asked, “hindi makasagot agad, David?”

The actor-director said that the actress is his “matalik na kaibigan” and he respects her decisions in life. When Ogie asked what he asked Cristine that he was able to say that he respects her decision, David said that he asked the actress if she wants to be part of his show but the process will still go through with Cristine’s management.

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