Vallacar Transit Inc. Summons & Probes Conductor Allegedly Shouting at Passenger Over Fare

Vallacar Transit Inc.

Bus Conductor Who Allegedly Shouts at Female Passenger Asking for Her Change Summoned by Vallacar Transit Inc. Vallacar Transit Inc. summoned and probed a conductor accused of shouting at a passenger who asked for change. Jade Marquez, the media and relations officer of Vallacar Transit Inc., has announced that they have summoned the conductor accused … Read more

Student Shares Traumatic Experience After Conductor Publicly Body-Shamed Her


Lady Student Slams Modern Jeepney Conductor Who Publicly Body-Shamed Her BACOLOD CITY – A student has shared her traumatic experience after the bus conductor allegedly publicly body-shamed her. The Facebook page RMN DYHB Bacolod 747 recently featured an incident involving a student who was allegedly body-shamed and charged double the fare by a conductor on … Read more

Passenger That Cause The Bus Fire Accident in Quezon City Identified

Passenger Behind the Bus Fire Accident in Fairview, Quezon City Identified The bus passenger who started the bus fire accident in Fairview, Quezon City that left two casualties was already identified by the authorities. According to the report of GMA News, the passenger in the blazing bus in Fairview last Sunday was identified as Edwin … Read more

VIDEO: Angry Lesbian Hits Woman With Child Inside Bus

Angry Lesbian 2

Video of Angry Lesbian Hitting Woman With Child Inside Bus Goes Viral ANGRY LESBIAN – The video of an angry lesbian hitting a woman with a child inside the bus went viral. We couldn’t deny that there are times that we lose our temper and end up saying something negative to the people around us. … Read more

Bus Employee’s Daughter Complains Father’s Inconsiderate Employers

Bus employee daughter complain

Daughter of A Comatosed Bus Employee Complains Father’s Inconsiderate Employers BUS EMPLOYEE – The daughter of a comatose bus employee complained about her father’s inconsiderate employers. A Facebook user named Roselyn Occeña Rama Badonio expressed her sentiments on social media regarding the treatment of the company to his father. Based on Roselyn Occeña Rama Badonio … Read more

Man Vaping Beats Conductor After Instructed To Get Off Bus

Man Vaping in bus

Man Vaping Inside The Bus Beats Conductor After Instructed To Get Off the Vehicle MAN VAPING – A man vaping inside the air-conditioned bus beat the conductor after he was instructed to get off the vehicle. Electronic cigarette or popularly known as “vape” is a handheld device that gives you the feeling of smoking. It … Read more