Man Vaping Beats Conductor After Instructed To Get Off Bus

Man Vaping Inside The Bus Beats Conductor After Instructed To Get Off the Vehicle

MAN VAPING – A man vaping inside the air-conditioned bus beat the conductor after he was instructed to get off the vehicle.

Electronic cigarette or popularly known as “vape” is a handheld device that gives you the feeling of smoking. It is less harmful than the lethal chemicals from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Ever since it was introduced to the market, many people have switched because it provides just the same feeling of cigarette nicotine. It even has various juice flavors you can choose such as strawberries, chocolate or mint.

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Vaping is still addictive but with lesser poison and provides better taste in the mouth because of the juice.

Some people get annoyed when they come across to a man whose vaping because of the huge cloud of smoke coming from their mouth. It can be suffocating and irritating.

In an incident that happened recently in Metro Manila, annoyed passengers got mad because a man vaping inside a public transportation.

Man Vaping
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A netizen named Meka Lyka Timan caught the video of the incident. On the caption of her video, she stated that the man got angry after he was told by the conductor to get off the bus.

The man started beating the conductor because he refused to get out of the vehicle. Worried passengers got were horrified of the situation then some men helped the conductor push the man out the bus door.

vape man
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After the man was successfully put outside, he called at the conductor to resume their fight on the road. The angry conductor then followed him and continued their fight.

The conductor and the man were later detached from their rumble after three men move over to stop them.

Netizen were quick to express their anguish to the man vaping inside the bus. Here are some of their comments on the Facebook post:

@Rona Bagus: gigil na gigil”

@Louis Cuevas: “Naging vaper din ako pero I know where to vape and not. Kaya nasisira reputation ng vaping e”

@Pearl Joyce Besa Pulmones: Nakakairita…feeling special”

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