Clint Bondad & Thai Transwoman Billionaire Have “Big Secret To Reveal”

Clint Bondad

Controversial personality Clint Bondad and Anne Jakrajutatip have shocking secret to reveal. CLINT BONDAD – Thai transwoman billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip and controversial actor Clint Bondad have “big and shocking secret to reveal”. By posting disturbing and cryptic posts online, actor and model Clint Bondad created a loud buzz online. These mysterious posts online dragged the name … Read more

Thai Billionaire Continues To Defend Clint Bondad Amid Controversy

CLint Bondad

Anne Jakrajutatip still defends Clint Bondad and reveals his posts are just for entertainment. CLINT BONDAD – CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited Anne Jakrajutatip continued to defend controversial actor Clint Bondad. In a previous article, JKN Global Media Public Company Limited CEO Anne Jakrajutatip revealed that the controversial actor Clint Bondad has … Read more

Clint Bondad: Thai Billionaire Explains “German Sausage” Statement

Clint Bondad

Amid Clint Bondad issues, wealthy Thai transwoman clarified her “German sausage” statement. CLINT BONDAD – Billionaire Thai transwoman Anne Jakrajutatip clarifies controversial statement where she indicated “I’m tired of German sausage”. Based on a previous article, billionaire transwoman from Thailand, Anne Jakrajutatip said in one post from her series of Instagram stories, “I don’t want a man … Read more

Clint Bondad Living in Thai Billionaire’s House, Here’s The Truth From Her

Clint Bondad

Thai Billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip reveals Clint Bondad is living with her in Thailand. CLINT BONDAD – Tha trans woman billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip reveals Clint Bondad has been living in Thailand for nine (9) months already. In a previous article, billionaire trans woman from Thailand, Anne Jakrajutatip posted intriguing posts which caught social media attention amid … Read more

Clint Bondad & Anne Jakrajutatip: Thai Trans Has Intriguing Posts

Clint Bondad

Thai trans woman has these intriguing posts amid Clint Bondad issues, is this about him? CLINT BONDAD – Billionaire Thai trans woman Anne Jakrajutati intriguing series of posts caught social media attention and sparked speculations. Actor and model Clint Bondad has started all the issues and controversies by posting disturbing and cryptic posts which dragged … Read more

Catriona Gray: Is this Her Reply To Clint Bondad’s Disturbing Posts?

Catriona Gray

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has this post on IG following issues. CATRIONA GRAY – Beauty queen Catriona Gray has this intriguing post on Instagram following disturbing post from ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad. Many people are getting curious already. What are those cryptic and “disturbing” posts of model and actor Clint Bondad for? Were those about his … Read more

Clint Bondad Is “Ungentleman”, “Creepy”, & “User” Says Lolit Solis

Clint Bondad

Lolit Solis slams Clint Bondad on Instagram following all the controversies of his posts. CLINT BONDAD – Veteran showbiz reporter Lolit Solis has this comment over the issues involving Clint Bondad, Catriona Gray, and Sam Milby. “Kaloka” – This is what Lolit Solis has described the current hottest topic online which involved model Clint Bondad, … Read more