Clint Bondad Living in Thai Billionaire’s House, Here’s The Truth From Her

Thai Billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip reveals Clint Bondad is living with her in Thailand.

CLINT BONDAD – Tha trans woman billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip reveals Clint Bondad has been living in Thailand for nine (9) months already.

In a previous article, billionaire trans woman from Thailand, Anne Jakrajutatip posted intriguing posts which caught social media attention amid the issues of model and actor Clint Bondad. The new couple Sam Milby and Catriona Gray was dragged in the issue and the Thai billionaire has broken her silence.

He’s a good man!” said the wealthy trans woman in a previous post referring to the controversial actor and model. For several days already, the actor has been sharing disturbing, dark, and creepy posts online which the netizens have found hard to crack whatever message he wanted to convey through those cryptic posts.

Now, on Instagram, speaking to a critic, Anne revealed that Clint has actually been living in her house in Thailand for nine (9) months already. She shared that she’s like a big sister to him which is why she broke her silence and revealed that his posts accordingly meant nothing and that there’s no “tea” to spill.

Anne is the CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited, a global content provider and channel operator of varius television series and movies. She revealed in an Instagram post, “I will end this rubbish Peppermint tea drama!!! I don’t like it when people get fooled!!!”

She then revealed that he’s been living in her house in Thailand for quite a long time now. This is after she was accused of getting herself be dragged in the controversy. To recall, she once got romantically linked with Bondad which she refuted because she is older and he’s not her type.

Anne and her family loved and believed in him that he will be successful one day because he is smart. What she never wanted is people being played on because of those posts. For her, she feels responsible over his actions because he’s living in her house and she honors him as her brother.

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Clint Bondad
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Clint Bondad
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Photo grabbed on IG


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