Clint Bondad: Thai Billionaire Explains “German Sausage” Statement

Amid Clint Bondad issues, wealthy Thai transwoman clarified her “German sausage” statement.

CLINT BONDAD – Billionaire Thai transwoman Anne Jakrajutatip clarifies controversial statement where she indicated “I’m tired of German sausage”.

Based on a previous article, billionaire transwoman from Thailand, Anne Jakrajutatip said in one post from her series of Instagram stories, “I don’t want a man who is a PSYCHOPATH in my life. I’m tired of German Sausage.”

This statement was a bit malicious to some people and only fueled their rumored affair before. However, she denied her alleged romantic affiliation to him because she feels like a big sister to him and Anne even indicated that Bondad is not her type. She is the CEO of a global content provider and channel operator of varius television series and movies called JKN Global Media Public Company Limited.

Now, with some people being critical to her due to her “pagiging sawsawera” on Bondad’s issue which dragged new couple Sam Milby and Catriona Gray, they put malice on her statement as mentioned above. If she said that he’s like a younger brother to her, what does her statement means?

In her response, she wrote that people must not focus on that particular thought and must concentrate on the mindset issue instead. She explained, “The word Sausage is not important. I just want to illustrate that the Good Quality man will use his brain leading life not his dick.”

Until now, the actor has been living with her in her house in Thailand sleeping in a separate bed. Her family has loved him and they believed that being a smart man that he is, he will be successful one day.

Clint Bondad
Clint Bondad


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