Catriona Gray: Is this Her Reply To Clint Bondad’s Disturbing Posts?

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has this post on IG following issues.

CATRIONA GRAY – Beauty queen Catriona Gray has this intriguing post on Instagram following disturbing post from ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad.

Many people are getting curious already. What are those cryptic and “disturbing” posts of model and actor Clint Bondad for? Were those about his ex-girlfriend Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and her current boyfriend Kapamilya actor Sam Milby?

Getting viral on Twitter, people noticed that the beauty queen, following the issues and controversies that have transpired because of those dark posts, has this intriguing post as well on her social media account. And her statement from the lyrics of a songs, says like this:

“The weapon may be formed but it won’t prosper. When the darkness falls, it won’t prevail. Cause the God I serve knows only how to triumph. My God will never fail.”

Catriona Gray

It wasn’t directly stated that it is her reaction to all of those but netizens speculated that it is. A couple of posts from Clint he just recently shared has the word “weapon” in it and netizens are just getting more curious and were patiently waiting for the “tea” he is to spill. However, his posts remained mysterious and people are having a hard time to complete his puzzle.

Catriona Gray
Catriona Gray

Some people found her posts “creepy” and “cheap” but when speculations about Catriona dating Sam even before they officially broke up igniting cheating allegations has brought another point of view in the story. Some people said he might need help, he is hurt, and he has not moved on yet.


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