Pinoy Technician After Fixing Client’s Malfunctioning Phone within 20 Minutes “Hindi dayaan ang tawag dyan kundi negosyo”

Pinoy Technician

Pinoy Technician Says “Hindi dayaan ang tawag dyan kundi negosyo” After Fixing Client’s Malfunctioning Phone in 20 Minutes A Pinoy technician goes viral fixing client’s malfunctioning mobile phone within 20 minutes “Hindi dayaan ang tawag dyan kundi negosyo”. A Facebook user named Al Din shared a post after he fixed the malfunctioning mobile phone of … Read more

Security Guard Earns Praises Online for Babysitting Client’s Child

Security Guard

Netizens Praise Security Guard for Babysitting Client’s Child A kind-hearted security guard earns praises and admiration online for babysitting the child of client at PSA. Security guards are employees hired by various business establishments or agencies to secure properties, wealth and individuals. They are usually tasked to implement peace and order under their area of jurisdiction. … Read more

Photographer Lauded Client for Inviting Housemaids & Drivers During Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Photographer Praises Kind-Hearted Client for Inviting Household Workers During Wedding Day A photographer has expressed his admiration towards client for inviting its housemaids and drivers during her wedding day. A Facebook user named Luis Macalinao has shared the photos of several household workers sitting at a table like other guests during employer’s wedding. The post … Read more

Another Grab Food Rider Expresses Dismay After Customer Cancels Order

Another Grab Food Rider

Grab Food Rider Expresses Dismay After Customer Cancels Order Another Grab Food rider expressed his dismay when his customer canceled its order after the food has been purchased. Over the past few months, numerous Grab Food employees are expressing their complaints and disappointment towards some customers who were canceling their orders and making fake bookings. … Read more

Customer Expresses Disappointment Towards Online Shopping Site Over Giant Airpods


Male Customer After Receiving Giant Airpods From Online Shopping Site: “Wag nyo muna ako kausapin tanginang lazada to” A male customer expresses his disappointment towards a popular online shopping website after he received giant airpods. Nowadays, online shopping websites have been very popular in various regions all around the world. It offers affordable yet good … Read more