2 fake Apple Stores shut down in Kunming,China

fake apple store in china

To respond to the growing concern of the news revealing about the existence of fake Apple stores in China, authorities had conducted investigation and inspection to electronic stores especially in Kunming which resulted to shutting down two of the identified fake sellers. In China, the popular creator of gadgets like the popular iPhone had 4 … Read more

China 2010: shuts down 1.3 million websites

the presence of the Great Firewall of China

Despite the numerous criticisms they had been receiving from the international community, including those from the owners and administrators of various websites that they had shut down, the popular “Great Firewall of China” had successful shut down 1.3 million websites in 2010. At the end of 2010, there was decline of the total number of … Read more

US Congress Supports Philippines Stand in Territorial Claim

United States Congress

The US Congress shows support over the Philippines by p(–foul word(s) removed–)ing a resolution regarding the position of the Philippines when it comes to the overlapping claims of the disputed territory in South China Sea. The resolution has been p(–foul word(s) removed–)ed last Friday and it includes the statement supporting the Philippines over its stand … Read more

Binay: How will US help Philippines Against China?

Vice President Jejomar Binay

On the ongoing tension between the Philippines and China regarding the issue on Spratly Island, one of the allied countries of the Philippines; the United States expressed their support to the country and said that they will help. However, Vice president Jejomar Binay explained that there are no specific plans given by the US on … Read more

DFA Protest Against China’s Construction in Spratly Island

A Chinese Ship spotted near the Spratly Island

A request for explanation has already been sent by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to the China protesting the construction activities being made near the Spratly Island. It was recently reported by the Philippine Military that they have spotted a Chinese ship in the southwestern Palawan carrying several materials that will be used for … Read more

US Says China’s Intellectual Property Violations Loses Millions of Jobs

United States and China

Latest study suggests that United States firms could support nearly one million more jobs if only China would stop their intellectual property violations. Such findings lead US lawmakers in criticizing the practice trade in Beijing, China. Base on the survey conducted by the US International Trade Commission as requested by the Senators, due to the violation … Read more

Binay wants to return to China for 3 OFWs

Vice President Binay wants to return to China for the 3 Filipinos

The Vice President of the Philippines Jejomar Binay wants to return to China and as of today he said that he has already asked permission. This trip is to personally appeal once again to the government of China for the three OFWs who have been scheduled for execution this coming March 30. “The Philippine government … Read more