Chesca Kramer On “Away Mag-Asawa” With Her Husband Doug Kramer

Chesca Kramer

This is what Chesca Kramer said about having conflicts with her husband. CHESCA KRAMER – Couple Chesca Garcia-Kramer and basketball player Doug Kramer also have fights and this is what she said. Among the lasting showbiz couples who continue to inspire romantics are Chesca Garcia-Kramer and former basketball player Doug Kramer. They have a beautiful marriage … Read more

Doug Kramer Shares Secrets of His 19-year Marriage with Chesca

Doug Kramer Shared the Secrets Behind His 19-year Marriage with Chesca Influencer father Doug Kramer shared with the netizens the secrets behind his 19-year marriage with his wife Chesca. As a married pair, Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer are regarded as one of the “relationship aspirations.” This is due to the fact that after having … Read more

Team Kramer’s Home Transformation Video Goes Viral

Team Kramer House 1

Transformation Of Team Kramer’s Home TEAM KRAMER – Actress Chesca Kramer uploaded a transformation video of their house on social media. Chesca Garcia-Kramer is one of the most well-known personalities in the Philippines. She was born in Makati, Philippines to Francisco Pablo Pellicer Garcia, a Spanish mestizo, and Maria Celeste Dahlia Villalobos Velasco an Ilongga. … Read more

Chesca Kramer, Doug Kramer Viral Photo: CJ Jaravata Explains

chesca garcia doug kramer cj jaravata

CJ Jaravata speaks about the viral photo with Doug and Chesca Kramer Actress-vlogger Chesca Kramer caught the attention of the online community just recently because of her viral photo with her husband Doug Kramer and her celebrity friends. Chesca and Doug’s relationship is one of the “couple goals” in the Philippine entertainment industry. Their love … Read more

Kendra Kramer Shares Bags She Got From Mother, Here Are Some

Kendra Kramer

These are the classic bags Kendra Kramer has got from her mother, certified fashionista Chesca Kramer. KENDRA KRAMER – Chesca Kramer had these classic bags she once owns passed to her eldest daughter Kendra Kramer. Team Kramer’s eldest daughter, Clair Kendra Kramer continues to grow beautifully over the years. Many people can see her great potential … Read more

Chesca Kramer Pens Touching Birthday Message For Husband Doug

Chesca Kramer

Doug Kramer receives message from wife Chesca Kramer for his birthday. CHESCA KRAMER – Model and host Chesca Kramer has this touching message for her husband basketball player Doug Kramer on his birthday. Professional basketball player and businessman Doug Kramer just recently turned 37 years old. When it comes to fatherhood, he is among those … Read more