Chesca Kramer On “Away Mag-Asawa” With Her Husband Doug Kramer

This is what Chesca Kramer said about having conflicts with her husband.

CHESCA KRAMER – Couple Chesca Garcia-Kramer and basketball player Doug Kramer also have fights and this is what she said.

Among the lasting showbiz couples who continue to inspire romantics are Chesca Garcia-Kramer and former basketball player Doug Kramer. They have a beautiful marriage and a beautiful family. Their family is known as Team Kramer.

But, it was not all roses and candies for the enduring couple.

Behind their successful career as a family, Chesca shared something including having misunderstandings and arguments with her husband.

In an interview with MJ Marfori, Chesca shared that just like any other married couple, she and Doug also have conflicts. They also encounter misunderstandings but despite these, keeping family matters private is a key to keeping their careers in balance.

Not airing their dirty laundry in public is one way to make their successful career as a family intact.

As famous personalities, involving other people makes everything hard. It’s important to keep the “holiness of the union”.

She added, “Do not let anyone you know, say bad things about each other… at the end din naman you’re gonna resolve your problems. Keep it amongst yourselves, fix it amongst yourselves.”

They also fight but what matters most in the end is they always do something to resolve it. And fixing the problem, for her, is the most important thing.

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Chesca and Doug have three children – Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. They have previously opened up about going through IVF to conceive another baby but failed a couple of times.


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