Doug Kramer Shares Secrets of His 19-year Marriage with Chesca

Doug Kramer Shared the Secrets Behind His 19-year Marriage with Chesca

Influencer father Doug Kramer shared with the netizens the secrets behind his 19-year marriage with his wife Chesca.

As a married pair, Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer are regarded as one of the “relationship aspirations.” This is due to the fact that after having been together for almost 20 years, they still seem to really love one another.

Doug Kramer Marriage Secrets

Clair Kendra, Scarlett Louvelle, and Gavin Phoenix, three adorable children born to the couple, were also a blessing. Doug and Chesca are here as evidence that it is actually possible to meet the person who is meant for you, despite the breakup news of some star couples and even common lovers or couples.

Doug posted a lovely Instagram message for Chesca on October 9 in honor of their 14th wedding anniversary. Although they were wed on October 9, 2008, their union as a couple has been going strong for about 20 years.

In 2003, Doug and Chesca marked their first day of dating on the same day, according to Doug. Even before giving his gift to his lovely wife, Doug pulled a trick.

“So hard to imagine that we’ve been together for 19 years today! It all started Oct 9, 2003! ❤️” began Doug in his caption.

“So to my best friend, sweetheart, confidant and partner in everything, Happy 14th wedding anniversary! My love for you has continuously grown throughout these years. ❤️,” said Doug.

Next, Doug shared some details on the secret of their marriage for almost two decades that others might want to follow. Doug made a list that has worked for him and his wife for 19 years as a couple.

“We started our very first conversation by talking for 7 hours straight! And up to this day, our date nights still consist of spending time and talking for hours and hours! So undivided time together is essential. Date your wife!”

“We still laugh together so much! Even at each other’s jokes, even if the kids find it so bad.”

“For 19 years, we still have not fought and made it last over day. We always CHOOSE to fix our arguments after cooling down.”

“We respect each other’s roles. I choose to focus on how I can cherish and love her. While she focuses on how she can respect and love me. Chesca’s still my no.1 cheerleader! ❤️”

“We always try to look our best for each other. That’s why we’re still each other’s ‘crush’.”

“We have never talked down on each other during heated arguments. Speak life, not speak down.”

“We have never ever fought about money, not even when we were in debt and in need.”

“Lastly, we pray together and continually acknowledge we need Jesus because of how imperfect we are. His grace sustains us and makes us want to work on our marriage every single day.”

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