K Brosas Mourns Death Of Her Adoptive Mother

K Brosas, Mother 1

K Brosas Confirms Passing Of Her Beloved Adoptive Mother K BROSAS – Comedienne K Brosas grieves the loss of her dear mother and shares sentiments of affection and appreciation in a heartfelt tribute. Maria Carmela Brosas, popularly known as K Brosas, is a versatile Filipino entertainer who has excelled as a singer, comedian, and actress. … Read more

Janice de Belen No Patience For Forgetful Co-stars

Janice de Belen 1

How Janice de Belen Feel About Working W/ Younger Co-stars Who Forget Their Lines JANICE DE BELEN – Here’s how Janice de Belen feels about working with young actors who forget their lines. Janice de Belen shared her approach to dealing with young artists who don’t know how to properly greet veteran actors they work … Read more

Joey Paras Dies: Candy Pangilinan Shares Heartfelt Post

joey paras dies candy pangilinan

Candy Pangilinan wrote this post as Joey Paras dies Joey Paras Dies – Actress Candy Pangilinan wrote this heartfelt message for her friend the late comedian Joey Paras. The world of showbiz is mourning the death of Joey who is known for his comedic stints. He has been through a lot when it comes to … Read more

Carmina Villarroel Shares The Worst Rumor About Her

carmina villarroel

Carmina Villarroel and her closest friends in showbiz talked about “Marites Noon, Marites Ngayon” Kapuso actress Carmina Villarroel shared the worst rumor about her that she almost believed it. Carmina, together with her friends in showbiz Gellie de Belen, Janice de Belen, and Candy Pangilinan, talked about what gossiping was like then and how it … Read more

Candy Pangilinan Son Quentin Graduates Grade 10, Celebrities React To This

Candy Pangilinan

Celebrity friends of Candy Pangilinan congratulate Quentin on his achievement. CANDY PANGILINAN – Quentin finally graduates from Grade 10 and Candy Pangilinan’s celebrity friends have these comments. No one could get any prouder than a parent who has a graduating child. And Candy Pangilinan is surely one proud parent now that her Quentin has graduated … Read more

Candy Pangilinan Shows How She Handles Quentin’s Tantrums

Candy Pangilinan

Mom to a neurodivergent child, Candy Pangilinan shares a piece of her life when Quentin threw a fit. CANDY PANGILINAN – Actress-comedian Candy Pangilinan shares a piece of her life dealing with both meltdown and tantrums at the same time. At 9 months old, Candy Pangilinan noticed the difference between her child, Quentin, with other … Read more

Candy Pangilinan’s Son Quentin Now Trains to Become an Altar Server

Candy Pangilinan Thanked People Teaching Son Quentin to Become an Altar Server CANDY PANGILINAN’S SON- The comedienne shares appreciation posts to people who helped her son Quentin to become an altar server. Candy Pangilinan recently revealed on social media that her unico hijo Quentin is currently undergoing training to become an official altar server. In … Read more

Candy Pangilinan Receives Surprise From Son Quentin

Candy Pangilinan

In a double celebration, son of Candy Pangilinan did this for her. CANDY PANGILINAN – Comedienne and actress Candy Pangilinan receives this surprise from her son for her birthday and mother’s day celebration. A person with special needs is the son of Candy Pangilinan whom many people know as Quentin. Through Toni Talks, the vlog … Read more