Vice Ganda Admits Why He Almost Did Not Attend Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia’s Wedding

Vice Ganda Speaks on Experience Prior to Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia’s Wedding

Vice Ganda revealed why he almost ditched the wedding of his Showtime co-hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.

It’s Showtime one of the longest-running television series in the Philippines for decades. Since 2014 when it aired its pilot episode, the show continues to bring entertainment to countless people with its segments — and the funny banters between the hosts, of course. However, little did the public know that behind their everyday move of making the people happy, they also go through personal things they hide at times.

Vice Ganda

Recently, Showtime mainstay host Vice Ganda talked candidly in a vlog that he actually went through depression. According to the Unkabogable Star, it even reached the point that he almost did not attend the wedding of his co-hosts in the show, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s wedding was held in the luxurious Balesin Island. It was a star-studded wedding that was attended by several actors and actresses in the showbiz industry including most of the Showtime hosts.

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia wedding
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However, in a vlog, Vice Ganda revealed that he almost ditched the wedding of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia as he was going through depression. According to the comedian, he went through a deep sadness seeing his friends getting wed.

“Na-experience ko yan dati nung unti-unti na silang nagpapakasal — sila Karylle, sila Anne, sila Billy,” the comedian said.

Vice clarified that he was happy for his friends then who were settling down but he was sad for himself as he felt that he was left behind. According to the comedian, when Billy was about to get married, they almost got into a fight as he texted him a day before the wedding that he won’t make it.

“Nagalit talaga siya. Nagalit siya. Tapos hanggang ang dami kong alibi, na wala na akong masasakyang eroplano,” he said.

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia

In his vlog, Vice Ganda further narrated that Billy Crawford looked for a way so the comedian can really fly to Balesin. He arranged everything so he would be there at his wedding and he even agreed if Vice would want to ditch the ceremony for as long as he is there at the reception.

Vice came to Billy and Coleen’s wedding and attended the ceremony. However, after the wedding ceremony, he proceeded to his room.

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