Pinoy Artist & Lady Customer Reconcile After Controversial Conversation About Use of Bible Verses

Pinoy Artist

Pinoy Artist & Lady Customer Reached an Understanding After Controversial Conversation The viral Pinoy artist and his lady customer have reconciled after the controversial conversation about fee and use of Bible verses. After a controversial exchange of messages between a Pinoy artist Chaboy Dela Cruz and a customer who wanted to commission him for a … Read more

Bianca Lapus Shares Bible Verse for Ex-husband Vhong Navarro

Bianca Lapus Vhong Navarro

Ex-wife of Vhong Navarro Bianca Lapus Shares a Bible Verse for Vhong Bianca Lapus took to Instagram and shared a bible verse for her ex-husband Vhong Navarro amid cases he faced. Vhong’s ex-wife posted a Bible verse-themed art card to Instagram in her Instagram stories. In the caption, Bianca added the words “for Vhong” and … Read more

Ben Tulfo Lambasts Vice Ganda Over “Patama Post” That Includes Bible

Ben Tulfo Lambasts Vice Ganda for Including “Bible” in His Post On Social Media BEN TULFO – Veteran journalist lambasts comedian Vice Ganda for allegedly including the word “Bible” in his “patama post” on his social media account. Vice was slammed by Ben Tulfo on the newest episode of Pambansang Sumbungan Bitag, presented by Tulfo, … Read more

Bible Verse Predicting “End of the World” Including Super Blue Blood Moon Goes Viral

Bible Verse

Netizen Shares Bible Verse Predicting “End of the World” Including Super Blue Blood Moon A Bible verse predicting the “End of the World” including the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ as a sign, goes viral online after it was posted on the social media. Last Wednesday (January 31, 2018), the country has witnessed the rare phenomenal … Read more