Thieves Built Tunnel to Ransack Bank in Cordon Isabela; P700k Stolen

Thieves Steal P700k from a Bank in Cordon Isabela After Dig Tunnel Going Inside A bank in Cordon, Isabela lost P700k money from ATM after being ransacked by thieves who built a tunnel under the bank. Four criminals crawled under the bank in Magsaysay, Cordon, Isabela and stole P714,000.00 from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) … Read more

Thief Arrested After Attempting to Rob a Bank in Caloocan City

Thief who Attempted to Rob a Bank in Caloocan City Unfortunately Arrested Police authorities arrested a thief after attempting to rob a bank in Caloocan city but unfortunately caught with security alarm. According to the report, the suspect was apprehended around 9 p.m. on Wednesday night while attempting to rob a bank at Rizal and … Read more

Man Surrendered After Robbing Bank Using A Banana

A Man Successfully Robbed A Bank Using A Banana MAN – A man has been put behind bars for a bizarre bank robbery case, he turned himself in after robbing a bank with a banana. Throughout the history of bank robberies, this could be considered one of the most bizarre cases. It’s crazy how people … Read more