Ava Mendez After Breakup w/ Skusta Clee: “Walang nangyari samin”

Ava Mendez

Ava Mendez Says “Walang nangyari samin” After Confirming Breakup w/ Skusta Clee The Vivamax actress makes a shocking revelation after confirming her breakup with Skusta Clee “Walang nangyari samin”. Vivamax bombshell Ava Mendez directly addressed the true status of her relationship with rapper and songwriter Skusta Clee. The alleged closeness between Ava and Skusta has … Read more

Skusta Clee Engaged to Vivamax Artist Girlfriend Ava Mendez?

Skusta Clee and Viva Artist Girlfriend Ava Mendez is Now Allegedly Engaged SKUSTA CLEE – The famous Filipino rapper and his Viva artists girlfriend Ava Mendez is now allegedly engaged. The controversial rapper has gone viral on social media once more after a video of him and his girlfriend Ava Mendez celebrating went viral. According … Read more

Ava Mendez Cozy Photos with Skusta Clee Elicits Reactions Online

Ava Mendez Shares Cozy Photos and Videos with Skusta Clee Goes Viral Vivamax actress Ava Mendez goes viral after sharing cozy photos and videos with the controversial Filipino rapper Skusta Clee. Skusta Clee’s alleged girlfriend, Ava Mendez, has recently found herself in the spotlight because to her latest Instagram posts. Ava proudly shared several intimate … Read more

Skusta Clee Sweet Video with Vivamax Actress Ava Mendez Goes Viral

Skusta Clee Ava Mendez

Video of Skusta Clee with Vivamax Actress Ava Mendez Elicits Reactions Video of Filipino rapper Skusta Clee being sweet with Vivamax actress Ava Mendez goes viral and elicits reactions online. The controversial rapper stirred buzz on social media again with his recent Instagram posts. In his Instagram, he shared a video where he is with … Read more