Ava Mendez Admits Skusta Clee is not Suitable for Her: “Ambisyosa talaga ako”

Ava Mendez Admits Being “Ambisyosa” and Skusta Clee is Not Suitable for Her

AVA MENDEZ – Vivamax actress admitted being “ambisyosa” and revealed that rapper ex-boyfriend Skusta Clee is not suitable for her.

In an interview with Pika Pika, Ava claimed that she is already separated with the controversial rapper Skusta or Darryl Ruiz in real life since they are not “match”. They tried to sort out their relationship, she claims, but they were not a good match.

“Hindi kami nagtatago. May mga bagay talaga na hindi match and (sinubukan) naman namin. Okey naman talaga,” Ava revealed.

Ava Mendez Ambisyosa

She admitted to being ambitious, or “ambisyosa,” during the interview. She went on to say that she still wants to accomplish a lot in her life, but she doesn’t believe she can do so while in a relationship.

“Pero ambisyosa talaga akong tao and ang dami ko pang gustong gawin. So, parang hindi ko kaya na (ipagpatuloy ang pakikipagrelasyon) parang masasabi ko na lang siguro ‘pag friendship mas okey kaysa sa relationship,” she said during interview.

The Vivamax bombshell exposed the truth about her connection with rapper and composer Skusta. In recent months, the apparent closeness between Ava and Skusta has been a big topic on entertainment blogs and social media. Their adorable images together went viral and were among the top trending topics on social media.

Ava was asked about her love life during the virtual press conference for her new film “Domme” on Vivamax. Before she could respond, director Roman Perez, Jr. stood up and stated, “Single siya ngayon. Kaya mas nakakapag-isip niya nang maayos.”

Ava quickly agreed with him and claimed “Yes. Single ako. At mas gusto ko ng rap in English. Basta walang nangyari sa amin, wala naman akong naramdamang kahit ano!”

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