Antonio Trillanes IV Is Now A Vlogger! Here’s His First Vlog

Antonio Trillanes

Here’s the first ever video blog of former senator Antonio Trillanes IV. ANTONIO TRILLANES – Former senator Antonio Trillanes IV is now a vlogger and in his first ever vlog, he explained why he turned to vlogging. TRx or Trillanes Explains is the YouTube channel of former senator Antonio Trillanes IV which makes him now … Read more

President Duterte Says He ‘Cured’ Himself Of Gender Confusion

Here’s President Duterte’s Statements About Curing Himself From Gender Confusion PRESIDENT DUTERTE – President Rodrigo Duterte apparently said he was once gender confused but he cured himself with “beautiful women.” The president has been observed to have a different sense of humor. Maybe because of his presidential status, most of his jokes are often considered … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Bikoy’ Peter Joemel Advincula Now Under Police Custody

Breaking News

Police Confirms Peter Joemel Advincula alyas ‘Bikoy” Is Now Under Protective Custody BIKOY – A Police Authority confirmed that Peter Joemel Advincula is now under their protective custody. One of the controversial personalities that sparked a lot of reports recently is Peter Joemel Advincula. He appeared and claimed that he is “Bikoy”, the man in … Read more

Antonio Trillanes Indicted By Pasay Prosecutors For Inciting Sedition

Antonio Trillanes 2

Pasay Prosecutors Indicted Antonio Trillanes For Inciting Sedition ANTONIO TRILLANES – Pasay prosecutors indicted Senator Antonio Trillanes for inciting sedition. Philippine senator Antonio Fuentes Trillanes is a former Navy officer and was known for leading the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003. The politician and the 321 Armed forces of the Philippines enlisted men and junior officers … Read more

Sara Duterte Is “16 Weeks” Pregnant? Netizens React

Sara Duterte ‘s “16 weeks” post received speculations that she’s pregnant Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “16 weeks” and this sparked speculations that she is pregnant. Previously, the IG post of Inday Sara also went controversial. She elaborated on her caption what she will do in case … Read more

Trillanes Amnesty Records “Missing” – Department of National Defense

Sen. Trillanes

 Trillanes Amnesty Records “Missing” According to Department of National Defense TRILLANES – The Department of National Defense said that 277 individual records of proclamation 75 including that of Sen. Antonio Trillanes’ have gone missing. Based on a report, Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was granted an amnesty by former President Noynoy Aquino III last 2011. … Read more

Breaking: Makati Court Issues Arrest Warrant vs Senator Antonio Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes

 Arrest Warrant vs Senator Antonio Trillanes Issued By Makati Court Makati court has already issued the arrest warrant against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV following President Duterte revocation of his amnesty. A few weeks ago, President Rodrigo Duterte voided the amnesty grant of Senator Trillanes over failure to apply for amnesty and for not admitting his crimes … Read more

Robin Padilla Will Never Be A Senator – Netizens’ Forecast

Netizens predicted that Robin Padilla will not win as Senator Action star Robin Padilla will never be a Senator, according to the fearless forecast of netizens. He is one of the celebrities whose names are included in the list of possible candidates for the 2019 elections. Despite the fact that he previously stated that he … Read more

Ramon Tulfo Opposes Duterte’s Decision, Defends Senator Trillanes

Ramon Tulfo

Pinoy Broadcaster Ramon Tulfo Defends Senator Trillanes, Opposes Duterte’s Decision The Filipino broadcaster Ramon Tulfo has opposed the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte and defended Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Over the past few days, the revocation of the amnesty granted to Senator Trillanes’ has been the headlines of several local news outlets and social media pages. … Read more

Netizen Slams Robin Padilla Asking His Situation During Imprisonment

Robin Padilla

Social Media User Lambasts Robin Padilla Asking His Situation During Imprisonment In Muntinlupa A certain netizen has lambasted the Pinoy action star Robin Padilla and asked his situation during imprisonment at New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. The Filipino actor Robin Padilla has been the headlines of several local news outlets and social media pages after releasing … Read more