“Honestly This is Torture”: Simon Cowell Gave X to Hans Final Act on AGT

Simon Cowell Gave X To Hans Final Act on Americas Got Talent The Champions Singer/Dancer/Musician Hans received X to Simon Cowell while performing his final act for the America’s Got Talent the Champions. In our previous article, Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy joined the second season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.” He showed the world-class talents of Pinoys. But … Read more

Marcelito Pomoy Say ‘AGT’ Production Actually Pick His ‘Predictable’ Song

marcelito pomoy americas got talent

Marcelito Pomoy Say ‘AGT’ Production Chose The Song MARCELITO POMOY – Singer Marcelito Pomoy said ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ producer chose his song for the finals. Pinoy singer Marcelito Pomoy takes his unique talent to the international stage. He rose to fame after winning Kapamilya’s talent contest ‘Pilipinas Got Talent.’ The 35-year-old singer’s dual … Read more

Americas Got Talent: 50 Superfans Chosen To Vote For ‘AGT: Champions’ Finale

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50 Superfans Chosen To Vote For ‘Americas Got Talent: The Champions’ Finale AMERICAS GOT TALENT – NBC confirmed that only 50 ‘Americas Got Talent: The Champions’ superfans are chosen to vote for the finals. Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy is known for his dual voice. He represents the Philippines on the prestigious contest “Americas Got Talent: … Read more

Marcelito Pomoy’s Wife Joan Recall Their ‘AGT The Champions’ Experience


Marcelito Pomoy’s Wife Joan Shares AGT: The Champions Journey MARCELITO POMOY – ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ grand winner Marcelito Pomoy and his wife Joan Pomoy recalled their experience at “AGT: The Champions.” Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy is known for his very unique voice. He can sing in a male and female voice. He was the champion … Read more