Raging Netizen Slams Doctor Who Refuse To Lend Ambulance For Patient

Raging Netizen

Doctor Who Refused To Lend Ambulance For Patient Slammed By A Raging Netizen A raging netizen lambasted a medical doctor in Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental who refused to let the patient use their ambulance. An Ambulance is a vehicle used for emergency purposes such as transporting medical patients to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. … Read more

Family Carries Sick Child After Toppled Posts Block Ambulance

Sick Child

Sick Child Carried By Its Family After Toppled Posts Block Their Ambulance The photo of a family carrying a sick child to transfer to another vehicle after their ambulance got blocked by toppled posts touch netizens. Last week, Typhoon Ompong with an international name ‘Mangkhut’ lashes Northern Luzon with intense winds and torrential rains. Ompong … Read more

VIRAL: Motorist Argues With Ambulance Carrying Critical Patient


Motorist Arguing With Ambulance Carrying Critical Patient Goes Viral The video footage of a motorist arguing with the driver of an ambulance carrying a critical patient goes viral after it was posted on the social media. An ambulance is a vehicle used to transport medical patients to the nearest hospital or medical institutions for treatment … Read more

Ambulance Of Sara District Hospital In Iloilo Declines Sick Patient For Not Having Money


Sick Patient Rejected By The Ambulance Of Sara District Hospital In Iloilo For Not Having Money An ambulance of Sara District Hospital in Iloilo allegedly refused to accept a 5-year-old patient urinating blood for not having money. The ambulance is a vehicle for transportation, which is commonly used for emergency medical services to administer first … Read more

Look: Ambulance Gets Hit By A Speeding Passenger Jeepney

Ambulance slammed by a passenger jeepney in Manila. Manila, Philippines – A video featuring an ambulance responding to an emergency get slammed by a speeding passenger jeepney has outraged the netizens on social media. Every second count when an emergency vehicle such as ambulance uses lights and sirens in roads to assist someone in a … Read more