Alex Gonzaga Fulfills Wishes Of Fans In Her Latest Vlog

Alex Gonzaga

“Dear Alex, Baka Naman…” is a new segment in Alex Gonzaga’s channel, and here’s her first episode. ALEX GONZAGA – As a way of giving back, Alex Gonzaga introduces a new segment for her channel called “Dear Alex, Baka Naman…”. Among the most controversial personalities in the local show business industry is Alex Gonzaga. She … Read more

Alex Gonzaga House Raids Small Laude’s Sister Alice Eduardo

Alex Gonzaga

“Napaka – Bonggang House raid” done by Alex Gonzaga as she toured Alice Eduardo’s huge house. ALEX GONZAGA – Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga tours us inside the huge and super elegant house of businesswoman Alice Eduardo. Filipino businesswoman Alice Eduardo is the founder, president, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Reaction To Mommy Pinty Buying 500 Tickets Rumors

Alex Gonzaga and Toni Gonzaga

This is what Alex Gonzaga said about the rumors regarding her sister’s concert. ALEX GONZAGA – Vlogger Alex Gonzaga has this clap back to the people who spread fabricated stories about the “I Am Toni” concert event. Ogie Diaz said previously that the ticket sales for the Toni Gonzaga concert were not doing well as … Read more

Alex Gonzaga “Bastos” Behavior? Netizens React

Alex Gonzaga

Netizens did not like how Alex Gonzaga behaved in this video. ALEX GONZAGA – Insensitive? People online called out Alex Gonzaga for her rude behavior toward someone during her birthday party. Insensitive? Basura ang ugali? View this post on Instagram A post shared by Alex Gonzaga-Morada (@cathygonzaga) Netizens online did not like the behavior of … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Admits Feeling Insecure Before Because Of Toni Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga and Toni Gonzaga

Here’s a confession from Alex Gonzaga and her insecurity before. ALEX GONZAGA – Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga is Alex Gonzaga’s sister and the latter made this confession recently. The closeness of Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga as sisters is something that many people admire. And even though they have their own lives now with their … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Swears At This Prank Of Alex Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga

This is the prank of Alex Gonzaga that took Toni Gonzaga by great surprise. TONI GONZAGA – Celebrity vlogger Alex Gonzaga pulls off a prank on sister Toni Gonzaga and this is her intense reaction. Among the most-followed content creators on Youtube in the Philippines is actress Alex Gonzaga. Her videos range from her random … Read more

Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie Alleged Issue Before

Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie

Online community gush about this alleged issue between Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie. ALEX GONZAGA – Currently making a loud buzz online is the alleged confrontation between Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie years ago. Just recently, in a new podcast of Alex Gonzaga, she talked about being traumatized when a senior star confronted her. Accordingly, … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Traumatized When An “Artista” Did This To Her

Alex Gonzaga

This is the incident that traumatized Alex Gonzaga when she was just new in the industry. ALEX GONZAGA – Celebrity-vlogger Alex Gonzaga revealed a story that happened to her before that got her traumatized. A depressingly relatable song from the latest album by Taylor Swift is called “Anti-Hero”. This song is about the singer-songwriter’s insecurities … Read more