Alex Gonzaga As “Mommy” Of Scarlet Snow Brings Laughter Online

Netizens had fun watching Alex Gonzaga as Scarlet Snow’s “Mommy”.

ALEX GONZAGA – Scarlet Snow Belo gets a new “Mommy” in Alex Gonzaga and these are the fun things they did for their bonding.

Among the most well-loved content creators in the country is Alex Gonzaga and throughout her vlogging career, she was able to collaborate with several famous personalities. And the latest people she was able to share lenses with are Dra. Vicki Belo and her youngest Scarlet Belo.

In the video, Alex played “Mommy” for Scarlet for a day and as expected, she was this funny and “kalog” type of a mommy. She played Nintendo with Scarlet, spent time with her in her playroom, ate with her, played games with her, and had fun with her in the pool.

Scarlet isn’t the shy girl anymore. She can interact with Alex and she laughs at her jokes. She was also able to keep up with high energy of Alex.

Check out their fun bonding below:

Alex’s Youtube channel now has over 13 million subscribers. She was able to influence her family to do vlogging and Scarlet’s real mom, Dra. Belo is also consistent in vlogging which she does on the side of heading her Belo empire.

As an online star, she sometimes suffers from mental breakdowns because of the pressure that comes with her status online. Online fame comes with a responsibility. She must be responsible for her content as she is making an influence her viewers.

And even though she’s been in this industry for many years now, there are times that she still gets affected by negative comments.


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