Request Letter Sample For Salary Increase

Here’s a Request Letter Sample for people asking for a salary increase from their employers.

REQUEST LETTER SAMPLE – A letter of request for employees formally asking for raise in their salary from their employers, here’s a sample.

You want to request a pay increase but too nervous to do it? Putting it into a letter may make things easier. In the letter, your choice of words is crucial. You must provide valid reasons as to why you deserve more than what you are currently paid for. A sample letter of request for a pay raise is shown below.

Negotiating matters like this through a letter is just fine although some experts say that it would be better to do it in person. It’s not necessarily that way since, in reality, many are not comfortable talking about their salary. Through a formal letter, it might also give your manager the chance to evaluate and consider your request.

See some things to remember before doing this below:

  • Make sure you hold reasonable reasons for an increase. Your goal is to show that you deserve the raise.
  • Search for the appropriate range of your position, experience, and accomplishments. Don’t ask way too much.
  • Write down your accomplishments.

Here’s a format to use and some guide: Request Letter Sample – Guides, Tips, and What To Include

Check out sample:

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to formally request a review of my current salary as an (insert job title). I have been working for (Insert company name) for (Length of stay) and I have always been open in accepting additional work and new job responsibilities.

I believe that my achievements and contributions to the company will justify my request for at least a 10% increase in my annual pay. Since I started working, my role and duties have evolved and below is a brief list of some of my accomplishments:

– (Insert valid accomplishment)
– (Insert valid accomplishment)
– (Insert valid accomplishment)
– (Insert valid accomplishment)
– (Insert valid accomplishment)

In my stay here, I must say I really enjoyed it so much and I appreciate the support that you and the team have demonstrated for me. Moreover, according to (source) the annual salary for my current position is at (insert amount). I believe that the 10% raise I am asking for will align my compensation with industry and regional expectations for the work.

Thank you for taking this matter in consideration. I will be willing to work with you regarding this matter along with what is best for the company. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at (insert contact details) for questions. I am open to negotiation.


(Name of employee)


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