Refusal Letter Sample – Decline Salary Increase Request

How to decline a salary increase request? Here a refusal letter sample you might need as a guide.

REFUSAL LETTER SAMPLE – To reject an employee request for a pay raise due to some valid reasons, here a sample of the refusal letter.

Reasons like insufficient performance, training, or years worked with are considered valid reasons to reject a request from an employee to have a salary increase. As an employer, there are really employees who really think they deserve the raise without knowing the essentials for their request to be accepted. And with this, a sample letter is below.

These are just the few things you must remember:

  • It must clearly state that the request raise is rejected.
  • Avoid making any promises in the future which you may not be able to fulfill.
  • Appreciate your employee and state the reasons why he or she is not yet allowed to have a raise. You may also says that the company is facing some hurdles if it is really.
  • End with a positive comment.

Here’s a format to use and some guide in writing: Business Sample Letter Format, Tips, and Guide

Check out a sample below:

Dear Mr. or Ms. (insert employee’s last name):

I received your request for a raise from your base salary of (insert salary). You have been working with the company for a time now and we sincerely thank you for your hard work as (insert job position) in (insert company name). However, I regret to inform you that your request for a salary increase is rejected. The company is currently facing some financial struggle and I cannot raise your monthly salary without increasing the salary of the other employees.

We appreciate your hard work here. Thank you.




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