Sanya Lopez’s Age

Sanya Lopez’s Age & Personal Background

SANYA LOPEZ’S AGE – Here are details on how old is Kapuso actress Sanya Lopez and some information about the My First Yaya star.

Most stars in the showbiz industry started young. However, there are differences on how they were able to make it to the entertainment field. Some struggled lining up in auditions while others already came from celebrity families. There are also those whose discovery is unexpected.

Sanya Lopez is one of those whose discovery is quite unexpected. The late Mr. Showman German Moreno was the one who discovered Sanya in the set of his show.

Sanya Lopez, Jak Roberto
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Jak Roberto, the brother of Sanya Lopez, is part of Moreno’s show Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman then. It was in the set when the late talent manager saw her and made her part of the show. She has always been vocal about her gratitude to him.

Sanya also dedicates her success in showbiz to Moreno. He did not just help her in her career but he was also like a second father to her. Sanya Lopez’s real name is Shaira Lenn Osuna Roberto and her father died when she was just two (2) years old.

Sanya Lopez's Age
@sanyalopez IG

Sanya Lopez‘s age now is 24 years old. One of her biggest breaks in her career was when she played as Hara Danaya in the 2016 remake of the Kapuso show Encantadia.

She also hooked the spotlight even more when she was offered to do My First Yaya, an ongoing romance Kapuso TV series. The actress plays the character of a nanny who fell in love with her employer who is a president of the country. The employer is played by Kapuso actor Gabby Concepcion.

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