VIDEO: Kakai Bautista’s Dance In Front Of Eiffel Tower Goes Viral

Kakai Bautista 1

Here’s Video of Kakai Bautista Dancing In Front Of Eiffel Tower KAKAI BAUTISTA – Watch the viral video of comedian Kakai Bautista dancing in front of the Eiffel tower here. Catherine “Kakai” Bautista is an actress, comedienne, host, and singer. She also starred in the highest-grossing Pinoy film, Hello Love Goodbye, alongside Alden Richards and … Read more

Clarence Delgado

clarence delgado

Personal Background of Clarence Delgado & His Showbiz Career CLARENCE DELGADO – Here are some details about Kapuso child actor Clarence Delgado’s personal background, showbiz career, and family life. The showbiz industry gathers people from different ages and places. One of the young actors in the field now is Kapuso actor Clarence Delgado who is … Read more

Pancho Magno

Pancho Magno

Personal Background of Pancho Magno & His Showbiz Career PANCHO MAGNO – Here are some details about Kapuso actor Pancho Magno’s personal background, showbiz career, and family life. There are a lot of brilliant actors in the Philippine showbiz industry and one of them is Kapuso actor Pancho Magno who is not only excellent in … Read more

Cassy Legaspi’s Age

Cassy Legaspi's Age

Cassy Legaspi’s Age & Personal Background CASSY LEGASPI’S AGE – One of the showbiz newbies is young actress Cassy Legaspi and here are some details about her including how old she currently is. Every year, there are new people who join the showbiz industry while there are those who leave the field. As for the … Read more

Sanya Lopez’s Age

Sanya Lopez's Age

Sanya Lopez’s Age & Personal Background SANYA LOPEZ’S AGE – Here are details on how old is Kapuso actress Sanya Lopez and some information about the My First Yaya star. Most stars in the showbiz industry started young. However, there are differences on how they were able to make it to the entertainment field. Some … Read more

Sanya Lopez’s Real Name

Sanya Lopez’s Real Name & Personal Background SANYA LOPEZ’S REAL NAME – One of the stars in the Kapuso network is actress Sanya Lopez and here is her true and complete name. The showbiz industry is undeniably filled with a lot of beautiful and handsome celebrities. Some of their are children of celebrities who love … Read more

Sanya Lopez

Sanya Lopez

Personal Background of Sanya Lopez & Her Showbiz Career SANYA LOPEZ – Here are some details about Kapuso actress Sanya Lopez’s personal background, showbiz career, and family life. One of the beautiful actresses in the Kapuso network is Sanya Lopez. Currently, she is top-billing the GMA-7 romance television series My First Yaya. Sanya Lopez’s Personal … Read more