Japanese Restaurants In The Metro Manila Worth Trying

Japanese Restaurants

Here are some of the best Japanese restaurants that offer authentic dishes that will surely satisfy your craving. JAPANESE RESTAURANTS – Metro Manila houses restaurants with unique offerings and here are some to satisfy your Japanese dish cravings. Japan is known for its interesting cuisine and we sure do always have space for Japanese foods. Their … Read more

Misto Seda – Buffet Rates, Ala Carte Menu, and Other details

Misto Seda

MISTO SEDA – The exquisite interactive buffet of Misto is something why guests are coming back and here are some details about this. Apart from the buffet, this restaurant also offers a wonderful ala carte selection composed of local and international favorites. They surely offer “a medley of international flavors ranging from universal classics to Filipino … Read more

Sambo Kojin Buffet Menu, Birthday Promo, & Other Details

Sambo Kojin

Here are some details about the Sambo Kojin buffet which has many branches. SAMBO KOJIN – If you are craving some grilled meat and other Asian cuisine, Sambo Kojin is a place to visit and the sky’s the limit in their buffet! For those who love Korean and Japanese cuisines, Sambo Kojin restaurant is the … Read more

Parmigiano Restaurant (The Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria)

Parmigiano Restaurant

A restaurant that is all about authentic Italian cuisine is Parmigiano Restaurant which has two branches. PARMIGIANO RESTAURANT – The Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria can be found in Newport and Alabang West and here are some details. A restaurant that focuses on authentic Italian cuisine is the Parmigiano restaurant. These Italian dishes are done with imported ingredients and … Read more

22 Prime Discovery Suites – What’s On The Menu?

22 Prime Discovery Suites

22 PRIME DISCOVERY SUITES – The 22 Prime of Discovery Suites Manila is an award-winning restaurant known for its steaks. This restaurant offers “steak like no other”. This is the flagship restaurant of Discovery Suites Manila and here are some details about this luxury place perfect for any occasion.