Netizen Explains How Will Mayor Duterte Stop Crimes in 3-6 Months Once Elected President

A netizen believed that the vision of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of stopping crimes in 3-6 months, is indeed possible with the help of thousands if not millions of his supporters who are longing for change in the administration and leadership. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s critics particularly presidential candidate Mar Roxas countered Duterte’s vision and noted that the promise of the mayor is impossible to achieve.

Duterte campaign

One of the reason why Mayor Duterte can achieve his promise of curbing crimes was because of his achievement as a local government chief executive of Davao City. Remember the arrested criminal who said that he is lucky because Mayor Duterte is still not President. If you notice, the criminals really recognized Mayor Duterte as a man who can sweep any criminals without hesitation.

According to the netizen, if the Punisher (Mayor Duterte) will be in Malacanang after the 2016 national election, all the criminals will be afraid to do their activity because they know what will be the consequences of their acts when they got arrested. Mayor Duterte will also choose the cleanest and smartest cabinet members.

Mayor Duterte is also very confident that he can do it, his supporters knows that the punisher got a “secret strategy” to discipline the criminals without declaring Martial law. But as he said in one of his speeches, his supporters must also help him to achieve his plans.

“If people will cooperate, if the police and armed forces didn’t cooperate, his plan to clean the Philippines in 3-6 months is very impossible,” but because of his charisma, he can control everything with ease, like how the Mayor easily tamed Sen. Grace Poe in their friendly chat at the backstage of the Pilipinas Debate in Cebu.

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