4-Year-Old Boy Swallows P5 Coin in Cebu

4-Year-Old Boy

4-Year-Old Boy Hospitalized After Swallowing P5 Coin in Cebu LAPU-LAPU CITY, CEBU – A 4-year-old boy from Caubian Islands was rushed to hospital after he accidentally swallowed a P5 coin. Kids are natural explorers, and their curiosity often leads them on exciting adventures. However, sometimes these adventures take unexpected turns, like the time when a … Read more

KathNiel Breakup: Alora Sasam Bashed For Posting A Meme

Alora Sasam shared this post after the KathNiel breakup confirmation Comedienne Alora Sasam received bashing after posting a meme a day after the KathNiel breakup was confirmed. Alora is one of Kathryn’s close friends in the entertainment industry. There had been several instances when Alora was spotted with Kathryn and Daniel. She received a heartwarming … Read more

Gillian Vicencio Statement About Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo Resurfaced

gillian vicencio kathryn bernardo daniel padilla

Gillian Vicencio Statement on KathNiel issue Gillian Vicencio Statement – The Star Magic artist had this previous statement about actor Daniel Padilla and actress Kathryn Bernardo and this resurfaced after the KathNiel breakup confirmation. Gillian was entangled in the breakup of two of the most popular stars of this generation. Kathryn and Daniel have been … Read more

Sofia Andres Shares Cryptic Posts Before KathNiel Breakup Confirmation

sofia andrea kathryn bernardo daniel padilla

Netizens decoded these cryptic posts shared by Sofia Andres Actress Sofia Andres shared these cryptic posts and netizens started to decode them and connect to the recently confirmed KathNiel breakup. A story surfaced about the rumored reason why Kathryn Bernardo ended her 11-year relationship with Daniel Padilla. In the story, one of the names that … Read more

Rat Caught on Camera Drinking From Office Water Dispenser


The online community raised their concern after a disturbing video of a rat drinking form office water dispenser. The CCTV caught a large rat heading straight to the water dispenser for a drink. The workers were shocked as they witnessed the disgusting pest infesting the water dispenser.

Rosmar Tan Reveals Herself as BIR Ambassadress, Claims Paying Her Taxes

Rosmar Tan

Social Media Personality Rosmar Tan Reveals Herself as BIR Ambassadress ROSMAR TAN – The popular internet personality revealed herself as BIR ambassadress and confirmed that she’s paying her taxes. In the previous days, the business tycoon became one of the most controversial personalities after revealing her monthly income during an interview with Toni Gonzaga. From … Read more

Cristy Fermin Challenges Karla Estrada To Face Her Source

cristy fermin karla estrada daniel padilla kathryn bernardo

Cristy Fermin answered Karla Estrada’s denial Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin challenged Queen Mother Karla Estrada to face her source who said that she confirmed the KathNiel breakup. Cristy has been attacked by KathNiel fans, the supporters of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, after she mentioned on her showbiz talk show that Karla confirmed that … Read more

Motorist Criticized for Assaulting Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension


Raging Motorist Assaults Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension, Suspect Arrested A hot-headed motorist received a massive amount of criticisms for assaulting traffic enforcers during apprehension. Traffic enforcers protect our roadways by controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to avoid congestion and accidents. Their role is controlling intersections, guiding drivers, and ensuring that traffic rules are … Read more