BORACAY: 10 Best Places To Stay In Bora For Every Budget


10 Best Hotels, Resorts In Boracay, Philippines BORACAY – Regardless of how much money you have, consider these 10 Boracay hotels and resorts. We’re always excited to once again feel that fine, white sand beneath our feet on our favorite island, which has been repeatedly named one of the greatest in the world. Boracay continues … Read more

Room Lighting: Ceiling Lamps vs Floor Lamps

Room Lighting Floor Lamp VS Celiling Lamp

Ceiling Lamps vs Floor Lamps: Which One is Right for Your Room? ROOM LIGHTING – If you’re looking to brighten up a dull room or illuminate dark corners in your house this article will help you compare ceiling lights to floor lamps. The majority of people are aware that lighting has a big influence on … Read more

5 Tips On How to Save Money On Groceries 2023

Save money on grocery 2

5 Grocery Budgeting Tips in The Philippines 2023 SAVE MONEY – Here are practical and effective ways to save money on groceries in the Philippines. When it comes to their daily expenses, including grocery shopping, many Filipinos are feeling the pain as the country’s inflation rate has reached 8.7%. Here are five suggestions for saving … Read more

Top 5 Easy Self-Care Practices For Working Millennials

SELF-CARE PRACTICES working millenials 3

5 Easy Self-Care Essentials for Working Millennials SELF-CARE PRACTICES – The top five (5) self-care essentials for working millennials are listed below. You have a tendency to wear yourself out to the point of mental and emotional exhaustion as a working professional. For people who have experienced past trauma that contributed to their current burnout, … Read more

Alice Eduardo House Tour, Shares Success Story

Alice Eduardo House

Karen Davila features Alice Eduardo house and the billionaire’s one-on-one interview. ALICE EDUARDO HOUSE – Here’s an exclusive tour of the gigantic house of billionaire and Sta. Elena CEO Alice Eduardo. For the first time, astute businesswoman and philanthropist Alice Eduardo granted a one-on-one interview with her friend Karen Davila. Along with the interview is … Read more

Former Millionaire Sells Sausages to Repay P365 Million Debt

Former Millionaire

Former Millionaire Ends Up Selling Sausages to Repay P365 Million Debt Due to Bankruptcy A former millionaire businessman named Tang Jian started to sell grilled sausages to repay his debt worth $6.4 million or P364.96 million. A 52-year-old businessman Tang Jian has declared bankruptcy after losing his wealth following his foray into the landscape engineering … Read more

Vicki Belo Shares “Top Cosmetic Surgery Filipinos Prefer”

Vicki Belo

At present times, this is the top cosmetic surgery according to Vicki Belo that Filipinos want. VICKI BELO – Beauty mogul Vicki Belo reveals the cosmetic surgery Filipino prefer at present time and what she feels about this. Physical enhancements, up to this day, remain a bit controversial, especially for celebrities. However, it is not … Read more

Criminology Student Works as Tricycle Driver to Support Study

Criminology Student

Criminology Student Earns Praises Online for Working as Tricycle Driver to Support Study SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA – A hardworking criminology student has been working as a tricycle driver just to support his studies. A 23-year-old criminology student identified as Gerome Cuaño has been working and studying at the same time. The young man wanted to … Read more